Social Button in Real Life to Combine Physical and Social Media Worlds

People nearby

Sometimes, it seems the world has become  too closed, simultaneously with development of Internet, social media and incredible gadgets. Every day we do not take off our eyes from the phone screen when we are in public transport, in a cafe or at a party. And it’s quite natural because the world and communication are going forward very fast, the social networks are in trend as never. We don’t take a look around the world, and we simply forgot how to smile, say “hi” or just to say thanks to the people nearby. No wonder that there are many memes on this topic. Among the crowds of the big city it’s very easy to feel lonely. (more…)

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Android and iOS Testing of Bluetooth Geolocation Between Phones

You’ve probably heard of Bluetooth Ibeacon or Eddyston used for indoor geolocation. We accomplished a series of tests of the working mode similar to Bluetooth Beacon for phones, but rather of the mode when the phone turns into a beacon itself and becomes visible and able to find other nearby phones over Bluetooth. Some results surprised us and we decided that it’s worth writing about it

Also, these figures can explain the work of other Bluetooth devices, such as Bluetooth speakers or smart watches.

ios and android (more…)

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The History of LikeMe Display 2. Assembling of a Prototype

Like Me Display and hub

In this article we will tell you about main development aspects of the first prototype of LikeMe Display.

Jumping the gun I’d like to say that our prototype can be called an alpha version per se. It’s due to the fact that there are two screens (which we personally don’t like) and that we want to make it a little bigger than it is now. But for this purpose we need to order outsized screens from the manufacturer, that we can’t afford yet.


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