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  • You can give a Like to all nearby people with LikeMe App in their smartphones

  • You can give a Like to all people around you
    LikeMe Badge

  • You can view rating of the restaurants, shops or other places in real time with LikeMe Display

Bluetooth detection range to 100yd

Social buttons become available in real life and you will be able to

Just to give a Like

Sometimes you just want to give a Like to a passing by girl or a guy, to a musician or an actor performing on the street

To get acquainted

You can find out the marital status and write to a girl or a guy sitting around you at a cafe, in metro or simply on the street

To add to subscribers

You can become a subscriber of interesting person, restaurant or store just in two clicks

To thank

Often, after receiving a good service or a wonderful speech you just want to Like or make a repost as a gratitude

To distribute e-cards

At exhibitions, conferences or simply at the business meetings, you can distribute and receive information about the people through their personal pages or pages of their organizations

To find out about trust

Amount of Likes and rating are the indicators of trust to a place, shop or to an organization. We give you the possibility to see these information directly at it’s windows, without taking out the phone

LikeMe gives you the opportunity to do the same
what you are doing in social networks but in Real Life

For this purpose we have done the following

LikeMe App for your smartphone

  • Description
  • FAQ

With the use of Bluetooth Low Energy, LikeMe application determines other phones containing this application (as well as LikeMeApp displays and badges) in the area of your Bluetooth detection, giving you an opportunity to see their social networks in order to get acquainted, to add new useful contacts or just to give a Like.

For your convenience we have made the filters which help you to choose who you want to see, as well as to restrict access to your data.

  • 1. How does the LikeMe application work?

    You get logged in LikeMeapp through social networks and make them available to people who are located nearby. You can also view the social networks pages of people and places located near you. Local geolocation is fulfilled through Bluetooth 4.0 low energy.

  • 2. Which social networks are available in the application?

    Currently the application is working with the main social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and LinkedIn.

  • 3. How do you give a ‘Like’ to a person or a place?

    In order to give a ‘Like’ in a certain social network, you have to go to it by clicking ‘View Facebook’, or ‘View Twitter’ etc. button and give a ‘Like’ on that certain social network page. Or just click a ‘Like’ button within the social network application.

  • 4. Why can’t I give a ‘Like’ to a person in my favorite social network straight from the LikeMe App?

    At the moment we are using only those functions that are made available by social networks to external applications (according to the privacy policy). But in the close future we plan to widen the integration into exact social networks.

  • 5. How can I protect my privacy?

    You can make the access to you pages available only with you consent, as well as you can edit the name (for example, by specifying your nickname) and the main photo.

  • 6. How far can my phone detect people and places?

    Distance depends on the Bluetooth module used in devices located nearby. But on average it varies from 40 to 100 m.

  • 7. What is the energy saving level of LikeMeapp?

    For IOS the application uses Ibeacon technology based on Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, so the energy usage here is low.

LikeMe Badge

  • Description
  • FAQ

If you want to attract more attention and it is important for you that other people could see your social networks or social networks of your organization then LikeMe Badge will help you with this. The badge can be linked to your personal pages as well as groups and company’s pages etc. This will allow people to get closer to you.

  • 1. How does LikeMe Badge work?

    Inside the badge there is Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy module with a unique ID number. With the help of LikeMe application you can link the Badge to your social networks pages or the pages of an organization or a group which you represent.

  • 2. How far does the Badge work?

    The Bluetooth module used in the Badge grants direct vision (without walls) for a distance of up to 100 m.

  • 3. Who is the badge designed for?

    The main purpose of the Badge is to draw attention and show that you are free to share your social networks pages. It can be applied by street performers, representatives during trade shows, exhibitions or conferences, as well as by protesters, employees of various organizations and places as an e-card or just for dating.

  • 4. What is the energy saving level of LikeMe Badge?

    Inside the Badge there is CR2032 battery which works for an average of 4 months.

LikeMe Display

  • Description
  • FAQ

LikeMe Display allows your customers or partners without even taking out the phones to see your information in social networks such as the amount of Likes, subscribers and Foursquare rating. For maximum energy saving we use Eink display which allows it to work for about 20 days without charging.

  • 1. How does LikeMe Display work?

    Display receives data from the social networks through the Internet and shows them on the screen. Display has various themes for more appropriate presentations.

  • 2. Which social networks are available?

    Display can access to the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn) as well as to the specialized sites as Foursquare, TripAdvisor or

  • 3. Can I give a ‘Like’ in the social networks on the Display?

    Yes, you can. The Display works in the Ibeacon mode, just like the Badge.

  • 4. Who is the Display designed for?

    The main purpose of the Display is to present social networks ranking and to show amount of ‘Likes’. It is useful for shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes, fast food shops, various offices aimed at working with people.

  • 5. What is the energy saving level of the Display?

    In order to maximize battery life the display has been divided into two modules. First one is the Display itself and Bluetooth 4.0 module, second one is the Internet connecting module to process data from Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0 (can be plugged into a power socket). Such combination allows us to make the Display as efficient as possible, with a long lasting standalone mode.

    The exact figures will be published at the end of testings.

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